Be careful! Watch out for adds that take you away from the games you want to play. Be careful with your clicking. Never download games onto your computer at home or at school!

Parents, children should always be supervised when they are on the Internet!

1. pre-k safe Word Find 2. prek safe  Simon 3. pre-k safeGolf Maze 
4. 123kinzarea Games  5. Ladybug Leaf 6. Peg Solitaire
7. Master Mind 8. Mancala Classic 9. Web Sudoku
10. pre-k safe Learning Planet 11. Cool Math Games 12. Mud Wall
13. Rush 14. Wacky Web Tales 15. I Spy Matching
16. I Spy I 17. I Spy II 18. I Spy III
19. I Spy IV 20. I Spy V 21. I Spy VI
22. Switch Zoo 23. prek safeKneebouncers 24.

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