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Got Questions?  Get Answers!

Questions & answers on everyday scientific phenomena  

Ask Dr. Universe


Kids Health  What's a booger?  The answer to this and many other questions about your health can be found here.

Teen Health  A great place to ask those embarrassing questions.

Space Sites:

Space Day  The first Thursday of May is National Space Day.

Student Mission Prep  Space Day

Starshine Project    Check this site for Starshine updates and other neat sites to visit.  

Viewing Starshine  Warning!  You will need to register for this site.  This will give you the information you need to view Starshine from the comfort of your back yard.  Get your parents permission first!

CNN Space  Great pictures and up to date news about space.


Science Fair Info and Resources:

Dallas Area Regional Science Fair      This is where to go for the rules, guidelines, and updates on this years  fair. You will also find out who won last year and links to other great science fair info sites.

Science Fair Resources    Need ideas?  Don't know where to begin?  Check this site.

Craftsman/NSTA Young Inventors Award Program

Physical Science

The Soundry  This excellent web site explains what sound is and how humans perceive it through the ear. Take an interactive journey through the human ear to see how the ear collects and interprets sound. Use the SoundScene applet to organize a scene to help you understand Auditory Scene Analysis. In the Sound Lab you can see and hear sounds and their effects--check it out! Visit Site

Waves   This site offers animated illustrations of waves.

Tacoma Bridge Disaster Video Clip  An example of the effects of wind and faulty bridge design.

Paper Planes

Simple Machine Pages:

Simple machines are all around us. Yet most people eating spaghetti with a fork or turning a doorknob rarely stop to think about just how important devices like levers and wheels really are!

Objects like robots, bulldozers, and bicycles may take center stage in the mechanical world, but the truth of the matter is that six simple machines — in use for literally thousands of years — are far more important in our daily lives. Check out these places on the Internet for wonderful insights into the world of simple machines.

Dirtmeister's Science Reporters: Simple Machines

Inventor's Toolbox: The Elements of Machines

Inventions change our lives

How Stuff Work

Science Fun

Brain Pop

Solar Ovens  plans on how to make a solar oven


Your Multi-Talented Muscles  You have about 650 muscles in your body, and they are constantly at work. Some muscles are controlled by you, while others do their job without you thinking about them at all. Learn about these various muscles.

Mr. Bones  Mr. Bones has fallen apart! Can you put him back together?

Frog Learn the basics of dissection.




Proton Don

Interactive Periodic Table of Elements  Run the cursor over any element to find out more information.

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